About The show

A brief introduction - "In The Shed" was birthed from my:

- passion for practicing daily.

- desire to share the information, routines and ideas I've learned or developed with everyone.

- drive to reinvigorate and motivate others who've become complacent or stagnant.

- excitement to become a practice buddy and accountability partner for those who need it.

Show features:

- music theory, practice tips, educational references, music history.

- warm up routines and transposing 12 key marathons :-)

- digital graphics to aid the learning process

- MIDI file downloads of EVERYTHING I play on the piano and chord charts

- guest musicians and artists

- My originally produced backing tracks for YOU to practice, perform or record with!


- Daily Videos and occasional live videos on my YouTube channel

 channel (Join the email list HERE for updates, additions or changes to show schedule)


For specific questions please send an EMAIL and I'll see you IN THE SHED!!

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